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  • Next Offering: Winter Term 2022, Monday/Wednesday/Friday 11:00-11:50am*

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Previously Taught

I have developed and taught numerous courses in political science/public policy, sociology and management at various undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These experiences include teaching a diverse student body in varying formats, such as smaller seminars, large lecture classes and executive education.

Political Science and Public Policy

  • China: Path to Modernization and Democracy (Undergraduate)

  • Democratic Policies for Competitiveness (Undergraduate)

  • Ethnicity, Immigration and Social Policy (Undergraduate / Graduate)

  • Government and Politics of China (Undergraduate)

  • International Relations (Undergraduate / Graduate / Executive )

  • Introduction to Politics (Undergraduate)

  • Issues in World Development (Undergraduate)

  • Managing Modern Government (Undergraduate)

  • NGO Governance and Management (Undergraduate / Graduate)

  • The Politics of Ethnic Diversity (Undergraduate)

  • The Role of the UK in China’s Nation-Building (Undergraduate)

  • Social Research Design and Evaluation (Graduate)

  • State and Society in Contemporary China (Graduate)

  • The Study of Contemporary China (Graduate)*

  • Trade Policy in China (Undergraduate)


  • Canadian Society: A Sociological Analysis (Undergraduate)

  • Contemporary Sociological Theory (Undergraduate)

  • Geographies of the Ethnic Economy (Undergraduate)

  • History of Social Theory (Undergraduate)

  • Immigration and Employment (Undergraduate)

  • Organizations, Power and Society (Undergraduate)

  • Qualitative Analysis (Undergraduate)

  • Qualitative Methods (Graduate)

  • Researching the Social World (Undergraduate)

  • Research Methods (Graduate)

  • The Sociology of China (Graduate)*/+

  • Sociology of Organizations and Industrial Relations (Undergraduate)

  • Sociology of Work and Occupations (Undergraduate)


  • Behaviour in Organizations (Undergraduate)

  • Business Communication (Undergraduate)

  • Individual and Group Behaviour in Organizations (Undergraduate)

  • Management: International and Comparative Perspectives (Undergraduate)

  • The Secret Life of Organizations (Graduate / Executive)

* Co-Lecturer / + Co-Convenor