I am a regular contributor to global media outlets in television (live/taped), radio and print. I am available for quick/short and in-depth comments, as well as to assist in background work that pertain to my salient research topics. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Politics, economy and society of contemporary China

  • Environmental, social and corporate governance

  • Institutional diversity (corporate and non-profit)

  • Immigration and migration (e.g. Canada, Australia, USA, China)

  • Managing ethnic minorities in global contexts (esp. China, North America, Europe, Australia)

  • Education, and job search, hiring and promotion process (and experiences) of ethnic minorities

  • Role of the state in the economy

  • Policymaking, and the psychology of policymakers, in authoritarian regimes

  • Behaviour and management of non-profit organizations and civil society

  • Volunteerism and philanthropy

Please browse this section for examples of my press coverage. To arrange an interview, I can best be reached at rhasmath@gmail.com.