Managing Modern Government


This course looks at managing government through the lens of various organizational forms and managerial approaches. It will explore the intricacies of government partnerships with notable attention to private enterprise and civil society relationships. Finally, the course will critically analyze the role and behaviour of micro-level actors embedded in government such as the professional, ethnic minorities, and women. 

Lectures and Readings

1.  The Concept of the Organization   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

2.  Bureaucracy and the Notion of Rationality   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

3.  Scientific Management   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

4.  Human Relations School   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

5.  The Institutional School   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

6.  Organizational Ecology   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

7.  Conceptualizing Power and Partnerships   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

8Government-Private Enterprise Relationships I   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

9Government-Private Enterprise Relationships II   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

10Government-NGO Relationships I   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

11Government-NGO Relationships II   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

12.  The Innovative Policymaker   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

13.  The Professional   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

14.  The Ethnic Minority   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

15.  The Gender Perspective   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

16.  Future Prospects   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]