International Relations


This course introduces the relevant theories and practicum to understand political events at an international level. It will examine the behaviour, formal and informal rules, and the evolving organization of the international society of nation-states. Moreover, the course will look at the consequences of hyper-globalization for nation-states’ activities, and their engagement with each other.

Lectures and Readings

1.  The Development of the Nation State   [handout]

2.  Nationalism and Sovereignty   [handout]

3.  National Interest and the Balance of Power   [handout]

4.  Processes and Mechanisms of International Co-operation   [handout]

5.  Economic Statecraft   [handout]

6.  Legal and Moral Rules   [handout]

7.  Reforming Global Governance for 21st Century Challenges   [handout]

8.  International Hierarchy and the United Nations   [handout]

9.  Alliances, Neutrality and Collective Security   [handout]

10.  International Organizations and Non-State Actors   [handout]

11.  Regionalism   [handout]

12.  The Global World   [handout]

13.  Global Trade   [handout]

14.  The Impact of the Environment   [handout]

15.  Global Poverty   [handout]