Routledge Research on the Politics and Sociology of China

Series Editors: Reza Hasmath and Jennifer Hsu

Overview and Rationale

The modern Chinese state has traditionally affected every major aspect of the domestic society. With the growing liberalization of the economy, coupled with an increasing complexity of social issues, there is a belief that the state is retreating from an array of social problems from health to the environment. Yet, as we survey China’s social and political landscape today we see not only is the central state playing an active role in managing social problems, but state actors at the local level, and non-state actors, such as social organizations and private enterprises, are emerging.

Coiled in this environment, this book series is interested in examining the politics and sociology of contemporary China. The series will engage with research that explores the intricacies of institutional interactions, and analysis of micro-level actors who are shaping China’s future. The book series seeks to promote a discourse and analysis that views state and society as contested spaces for power, authority, and legitimacy. As a guiding principle, the series is notably interested in books that utilizes China as a laboratory for confirming, modifying or rejecting existing mainstream theories in politics and sociology.

Potential topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Aging and the Life Course

  • Collective Behavior and Social Movements

  • Community and Urban Sociology

  • Comparative Politics

  • Consumers and Consumption

  • Crime, Law, and Deviance

  • Economic Sociology

  • Education

  • Environment

  • Ethnicity, Gender, and Class

  • Foreign Policy

  • Health Politics

  • Inequality, Poverty and Mobility

  • Labour and Labour Movements

  • Migration and Citizenship

  • Political Communication

  • Political Economy

  • Political Psychology

  • Political Sociology

  • Public Administration and Policy

  • Public Opinion

  • Religion

  • Science and Technology

  • Urban Politics

  • Work and Organizations

  • Youth

Proposal Submission Procedures

Please forward your book proposal (see guidelines here) and CV to the Series Editors:

Advisory Board

Current Members

  • Bjorn Alpermann, University of Wuerzburg

  • Jack Barbalet, Australian Catholic University

  • Sarah Eaton, Humboldt University

  • Karen Fisher, University of New South Wales

  • Eric Fong, University of Hong Kong

  • Christian Gobel, University of Vienna

  • Emily Hannum, University of Pennsylvania

  • Ben Hillman, Australian National University

  • William Hurst, University of Cambridge

  • Andre Laliberte, University of Ottawa

  • Kun-Chin Lin, University of Cambridge

  • Kevin O'Brien, University of California at Berkeley

  • Jonathan Sullivan, University of Nottingham

  • Yu Tao, University of Western Australia

  • Jessica Teets, Middlebury College

  • Steve Tsang, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Previous Members

  • Kerry Brown, King's College London

  • Deborah Davis, Yale University

  • Sai Ding, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

  • Bingzhong Gao, Peking University

  • Karl Gerth, University of California at San Diego

  • Thomas Gold, University of California at Berkeley

  • Bjorn Gustafsson, University of Gotenburg

  • Timothy Hildebrandt, London School of Economics and Political Science

  • Carolyn Hsu, Colgate University

  • John Knight, University of Oxford

  • Ching Kwan Lee, University of California at Los Angeles

  • James Leibold, La Trobe University

  • Karla Simon, Catholic University of America

  • Patricia Thornton, University of Oxford

  • David Wank, Sophia University

  • Joseph Wong, University of Toronto

  • Biao Xiang, University of Oxford

  • Dali Yang, University of Chicago

  • Yunxiang Yang, University of California at Los Angeles