The experiences of teaching at leading global academic institutions have provided an intimate awareness of the high expectations that our students demand. It is my goal to constantly strive to exceed their expectations and to embrace a well-rounded education. This partially accounts for my strong teaching evaluations as listed below. Another measure of success for my pedagogical approach can be seen in the relationships that I have developed with my students after they have left my courses, whereby I continue to mentor them academically and professionally.

Combined Mean Responses of Student Evaluations (N=2,234 students / 70 courses):

  • Goals and Requirements of the Course Communicated Clearly and Explicitly: 5.8 (+0.3)

  • Appropriate Methods of Evaluation and Fair Evaluation of Student Learning: 5.8 (+0.3)

  • Presents Material in an Organized, Well-Planned Manner: 6.1 (+0.7)

  • Explains Concepts Clearly with Appropriate Use of Examples: 5.9 (+0.3)

  • Communicates Enthusiasm and Interest in the Course Material: 6.1 (+0.3)

  • Attends to Students' Questions and Answers them Clearly and Effectively: 5.9 (+0.2)

  • Available for Individual Consultation: 5.6 (0.0)

  • Work is Graded Fairly with Helpful Comments and in a Reasonable Time: 6.0 (+0.4)

  • Performs Effectively as a University Teacher: 6.1 (+0.3)

* Guide: Outstanding: 7; Very Good: 6; Good: 5; Adequate: 4; Poor: 3; Very Poor: 2; Extremely Poor: 1+ / - Faculty Average in Parentheses. Qualitative Comments Available Upon Request.