Introduction to Chinese Politics


This course provides an introduction to the recent political developments, institutional partnerships, state-society relationships, and the global engagement of political actors in contemporary China. It will consider a number of approaches for conceptualizing, modelling, and analyzing the governance and politics of China utilizing a comparative perspective.

Lectures and Readings

1.  The Path to Modernization   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

2.  The Onset of Reforms   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

3.  Bureaucratic Operations and Configurations   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

4.  Government-Private Enterprise Relationship   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

5.  Government-NGO Relationship   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

6.  Popular Legitimacy and Accountability   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

7.  Ideological Development and Performance   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

8.  Marginalized Groups   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

9.  Civil Society and Evolving Modes of Citizen Participation   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

10. Internationalization and its Effects   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

11.  Foreign Relations   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]