NGO Governance and Management


The emergence of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as formal institutions has been a relatively recent phenomenon. This course examines the organizational features, actor and stakeholder relationships, and the major topics of engagement contemporary NGOs confront. It further draws upon relevant theoretical work and practicum to critically assess whether certain types of NGOs are more successful in negotiating the local and global institutional environments; as well as, the management challenges facing NGOs, and the tools they can use in response to adapt. 

Lectures and Readings

1.  Introduction   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

2.  Global Civil Society   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

3.  Civil Society and the Nation State   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

4Government-NGO Relationships   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

5Accountability and Legitimacy   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

6.  Advocacy Strategies   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

7.  Fundraising   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

8.  Human Rights   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

9.  Humanitarianism   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]

10.  The Environment   [video]     [podcast]     [handout]